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Preparing for Your Move

Preparation is key to a successful move. Set some time aside to put together a plan of action. A solid plan helps keep everything organized and in turn, reduces stress and frustrations on move day. Here’s a guide on how to get prepared.


There are a lot of important details to take care of when you relocate your home or business.

Taking the time in advance to write everything down will help you avoid missing any

important details that may otherwise go overlooked.

Some examples to include on your list:

· Setting up mail forwarding/change of address

· Transferring or shutting off utilities

· Gathering packing materials

· Anything that might slip your mind on move day

A list can be helpful so you can check tasks off as you complete them


Moving can come with a hefty price tag at times. Figuring out what your budget is before you start, can actually help you save money on your move. Set a cap on what you can afford and work backwards from there to assure you’re within your budget when its time to pay the bills. Click here for your FREE Estimate.


Now that your budget is established, you can determine how much you’ll do on your own and how much the moving company will do. You can do a DIY move and have the movers simply load and unload a truck. You can have the movers pack and unpack every item in your home, or something in-between. Should you pay for packing services? The answer to that question varies from person to person.


What better time to get rid of clutter than leading up to your move day. When you move locally, you’re billed by the hour. When you move long distance, you’re billed by the pound. Either way, you’re paying people to move every single item that goes on the truck. Going through your belongings and getting rid of things you don’t need/use will help to save you time and money on your move.


If you plan on packing your own things, you’re going to need boxes, tape, paper, etc. When it comes to loading a truck, boxes made for moving are the way to go. Ackley Moving Services has boxes of all sizes for sale as well as used boxes for free! It’s always smart to get more boxes than you think you need. Running out of boxes on move day isn’t a situation you want to get stuck in.


The packing process isn’t exactly “fun”, but with some tips we can help make some of it easier for you.


As you get closer to your move day, start thinking about what items you use on a daily basis and keep them aside somewhere safe. Everything you need on the day of your move should go into a bag, suitcase or box that is clearly labeled.

Some items that should go in that bag may include:

· Charger cords

· Medications

· Documents related to your move

· Toiletries

· Some clothes

· Anything else you might want before unpacking your boxes


Leave your hanging clothes right there in your closet. Wardrobe boxes have a bar across the top to make moving hanging clothes super quick and easy. Make sure to pack other items from your closet, but the hanging clothes can stay right on the hangers.


If you’re packing your own boxes, save space and money by using your linens to protect your fragile items as you pack. This will save you the cost of paper/bubble wrap and will cut down your total amount of boxes in the end.


A nice way to keep track of complex setups like a surround sound system or a computer rig is to take a photo of all the components before unplugging or disassembling anything. Then when its time to reassemble, you don’t have to do it from memory.


To make things simpler at your new home, make sure to label every box. You can write what room it came from or come up with a color-coded system to keep track of where each box should go. It’s also helpful to list some of the contents on the outside of the box so you don’t have to dig through a bunch of boxes when you need to find a specific item before your entire home is unpacked.


If everything is prepped properly, moving day will be a breeze. Here’s a few more things to consider before the movers show up to your home.


Don’t overlook the fact that your kitchen may not be useable on move day. Get some snacks and drinks ready ahead of time and keep them in the fridge or a cooler etc.


Trying to keep a pet contained and de-stressed or keep a young child happy and not bored while the movers are moving all about your home can be near impossible and quite stressful. Consider arranging care somewhere offsite for little ones and furry friends.


Moving day tends to be pretty fast paced. To keep it all rolling smoothly, get everything you want to pack yourself, done before the movers arrive. This will allow you to be present with the movers, able to answer any of their questions and available to make sure everything you want to go makes it onto the truck.

Now you're ready for a smooth, successful move across town or across the whole country! Safe Travels!


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