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Should you pay for Professional Packing services for your move?

Moving into a new home is exciting, but stressful as well. Packing all your belongings into boxes, hoping everything arrives just as it left can be an uneasy feeling. “Where do I start?” “What if everything breaks?” are all common things that run through your mind when preparing for a move. Is it worth it to hire professionals to pack your home for you? Lets dive in to how a pack crew can alleviate stress.

Packing can seem like an overwhelming task sometimes. How to properly pack boxes for a safe transport, ensuring all fragile items are protected and make it the destination in one piece are probably things that run through your mind when preparing for a move. Figuring out what items should go in what boxes, making sure fragile items are protected properly and properly loading boxes aren’t exactly common knowledge. Ackley Moving Services offers Full and Partial packing services to get all of your belongings safely from point A to point B.

Moving locally has its advantages. You can take fragile items in your car and make multiple trips back and forth if your new home is close enough, but what if you’re moving farther away? When you move abroad or even just across the country, this isn’t an option anymore. Our Professional Packing crews can come in and not only safely pack up everything in your home to safely make it across long distances, but they also inventory every item and label every box so you have an organized list of everything you own. This can be especially helpful when it comes time to unpack at your new home too! (ask about our unpack services!)

Maybe you feel confident about packing your clothes (we’ve all loaded a suitcase before, right?) but then what about those dishes and wine glasses in the kitchen? Or the porcelain figurine you got as a souvenir on vacation? This is when a partial pack job would come in handy. You can take your time as you casually pack up everything you know how to pack in the days or weeks before your move, then leave your kitchen and fragile items for our crews to box up on the day of your job.

Now, what if you are unable to pack any of your belongings? Maybe there’s a physical limitation or you just plain don’t have enough time, That’s OK! Our crew can come and pack your entire home, every single item, into boxes for you. Every item gets labeled and inventoried on a form you get to sign off on to assure every item makes it to the truck and every item comes off the truck on the other side. Our professional Packers have packed countless homes and can take all your stress away as they efficiently and safely protect every last item in your home.

Call or email Ackley Moving today to schedule your move and see if a Pack Job is right for you!

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1 Comment

Lawrence Robertson
Lawrence Robertson
Dec 27, 2023

Moving can be such a stressful experience, but hiring Scarborough Movers company made all the difference for us! From the initial consultation to the actual moving day, they were organized and efficient.

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