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What's in a Video Survey?

Video Surveys are a great way to estimate the weight of your household goods without the need for someone to physically show up at your home.

In order to get an estimate that is as accurate as possible, here are a few tips to get you prepared for your virtual survey:

  • Figure out what size any TVs are that are going with your move. This will let the crew know what size TV boxes to bring when they come to load your shipment.

Multiple different sized TV boxes in a warehouse

  • If you have items that are *not* going with your move, be sure to make note of those items so the estimator does not include them in the total weight.

  • Have all cabinets open so the estimator can see what's inside. This includes items that you plan on packing yourself as they will still contribute to the total weight of the shipment.

Open cabinets and drawers to show what is inside

  • Make sure you know where you have items that may be in storage like holiday decorations in an attic, for example.

  • Point out heavy things that an estimator can't see like a motorized recliner or a sleep number bed. The weight of the motor won't be assumed in the estimate if it looks like a regular piece of furniture.

  • Make note of large glass pieces like gym mirrors or removable table tops that don't have a frame. These types of glass pieces tend to do better in a crate than a mirror pack and the estimator will need to know about them.

  • Don't forget outdoor items like patio furniture, grills, or items in an outdoor storage shed.

Patio furniture outside

  • If you have furniture that looks like it could be a different material than it is, make sure to mention that to the estimator. For example, mention a true marble top table or mention if it's wood with a marble finish as this will change the weight estimate.

  • Be sure to mention or show us what is in storage totes if you have any stacked up.

With these tips, you'll be able to get an accurate estimate of your shipment which will allow the crew to be properly prepared for everything they might encounter at your home.

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