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It's raining on your move day!?

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

You've been prepping for your move and you think that you've thought of everything. Today is the big day, you wake up and look outside and...

... it's raining.

If you find yourself in this predicament, don't worry. No need to panic or try to reschedule your move. Here are some ways to keep your things safe and dry.

If you hired professional movers, they will have a bunch of materials and ways to keep things dry for you.

First up, Furniture Pads

These are used on every job to protect your furniture as it's carried down hallways, down stairs, around tight corners, and stacked in the truck. On your rainy move day, these pads also become useful outdoors as an extra layer of defense from the rain BUT they really shouldn't even end up touching any water anyways because once an item is padded, then comes the next layer.

Shrink Wrap

Yes, it's essentially the same thing that you use to cover up a bowl of leftovers in your kitchen, but bigger. Shrink wrap goes over the furniture pads, and on a rainy day, extra care and attention are taken to make sure there are no gaps and your piece is entirely wrapped so if rain falls on it between the truck and the house, it'll roll right off.

Rug Runners

These strips of neoprene/rubber are awesome. They are about as wide as a doorway and roll out from your front door to cover your floor. This is great to protect your floors at the house you're leaving as well as the new home you're moving into. If you try to stack a bunch of boxes at your front door, you might make it difficult for your movers to get furniture out of your home. Rug runners make it so your front entry area extends further into your home. They'll collect dirt and water throughout your move and then the movers will take it all with them when they leave.

Carpet Tape

This stuff is really cool. It is similar to the shrink wrap, but it's thicker and one side is sticky. The sticky side goes down on your carpet and then it rolls out similar to how the rug runners do. The bottom side being sticky allows your movers to roll this up carpeted stairs without making a tripping hazard. Also like the rug runners, at the end of the move, the carpet tape gets peeled up and the movers take any dirt and water that it caught with them in the truck.

Mattress Bags

You don't have to worry about your Mattress. We've got you covered, literally. Mattress bags are made of thick plastic and cover your entire Mattress all the way around and then get taped shut to keep it completely dry throughout your entire move.

Between the Pads, Shrink Wrap, Rug Runners, Carpet Tape, and Mattress Bags your floors and furniture will be protected from the rain. It might take your movers a bit longer, but in the end, your belongings will make it safe and dry all the way into your new home.


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