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Overwhelmed with packing your home?

If packing your home is stressing you out, before you try to convince yourself that you "just don't need that stuff anymore" or that you'll "buy new stuff at the new house", consider hiring professional packers to pack it all for you.

Professional packers are beneficial in several ways:

They save you loads of time.

Our packers can pack most average homes in a single day. When you pack your own home, it's recommended you give yourself one day per room of your home, plus the added time of going out and getting all your packing materials. There are so many things besides packing that have to be done when you change your address. When you hire packers, you have more time to work on switching over all your utilities, handling the purchase/sale of property, changing your mailing and billing address, etc.

They pack the right way.

These guys are pros for a reason, they know what they're doing. different sizes and types of boxes aren't just for different sized objects. They all serve specific purposes so when used correctly, your belongings will all be kept safe. Dish packs, for instance, are twice as thick as regular boxes so when packed full and tight with your dishes and packing paper, they're solid as a brick. When the movers see a dish pack packed by professional packers in the kitchen on move day, they already know how to handle it and where it should sit in the load to ensure its contents remain safe.

They keep your things safe.

Most professional packers are or were movers as well. It's harder to load a truck safely if you aren't confident with you're packing. If you aren't quite sure how to safely pack things like dishes, artwork, picture frames, etc, people tend to end up writing "fragile" on a comical amount of boxes. This can be problematic for the person loading the truck because there's only so much room on the top of the load. Professional packers know how to safely pack and label some fragile items into a box that the loader can put anywhere in the load. A big factor in that as well is that...

They have all the right materials.

Packing into proper sturdy boxes makes moving day much easier and faster. Wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes, Mirror cartons for picture frames, all the packing paper, tape & markers of course, even TV boxes if you don't have your original box anymore, we've thought of everything because we've moved it all before.

Partial Packing Services

Did you know that you can hire packers to pack, for instance, only your kitchen if you'd like?

Packing services can cover all the packing for your entire home OR you can opt for just a partial pack. This comes in handy when you feel confident packing most of your goods but are concerned about your more fragile items. Maybe you want to pack your more intimate items from your bedrooms, but would like professionals to pack your dishes in the kitchen. Packers can show up to pack specific things you want packed and their pricing would reflect only what boxes they actually packed.

Whether you opt for a full or even partial pack service, hiring pros can give you peace of mind, save you loads of time, and ensure that your fragile items are safe for the journey to your new home.


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